THe next residential shall take place during the last week of the first half term.

We have booked the main house AND the bungalow for our time at Ghyll Head.



On arrival day students and staff are asked to bring their own packed lunch. A hot or cold drink is available at the Centre.

Outdoor equipment is issued free of charge by the Centre on the first day, e.g. waterproof jacket, over trousers, walking boots, and rucksack. Students having their own outdoor gear may bring it with them.

The Centre has a good drying room, but as much of the time will be spent out of doors, at least 2 complete changes of old warm clothing are essential.

Please try to bring

For use on activity sessions
Several sweaters/wool jumpers/fleece items
Several pairs of suitable trousers e.g. tracksuit bottoms or old school trousers rather than denim jeans
Several pairs of thick socks to wear with walking boots or wellingtons
Several T- shirts/sweat shirts
Hats and gloves are useful at most times of the year
In summer sun hats can be useful and sun cream is essential.
Swimming costume in the summer
1 pair of old trainers for playing outside and canoeing
Plastic drinks bottle or thermos flask. (Dilute cordial is available every day to go with the packed lunches. During the winter months, thermos flasks can be filled with hot drinks).
A pair of Wellingtons (can be borrowed from the Centre if necessary)

Also bring
Spare underwear
Some clothes for around the Centre, underwear and nightwear
1 pair of trainers or slippers for indoor use
Toiletries and 2 towels

Some spending money is advisable, though not a lot (£5). The Centre has a tuck shop which sells sweets, drinks, and some souvenirs.

We do not allow mobile phones to be taken to Ghyll Head. The instructors have their own mobile phones for use in emergency, as do Chorlton Park Staff. At the Centre mobile phone reception is poor, but there is a coin operated phone available for visitors.

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