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Just Like Old Times

Use the following websites to answer your research questions: 1)     What was it like for men returning home from war? 2)    Who was in charge of the country (England) during and after WW2? 3)    Rationing after WW2. 4)   How did the roles of women change after the war? 5) […]

Mr D

It’s sad to see Mr D to go we all will miss you none will forget the memories together Mr D. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEART !!!!!! WE LOVE YOU MR D . WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU !!!!!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a massive thanks for being […]

learning log, by maddie

This week has been quite busy and I have been quite through it, it kind of hard getting up as half past 6. however, even though I was tired, I have had a pretty good week. In maths at the beginning of the week we have done division (bus stop method, but the teachers don’t […]

6JL – End of the Viking era

We are back on the research trail this afternoon. Use the websites below to answer the following questions: Who were the key people involved in the end of the Viking era? When did the Viking era end? Where were any key battles or events? Why did the Vikings lose power? What have we gained as […]

6JL – Alfred the Great

Using MS Word, you are going to answer the following questions: Who was he? What did he do to help his people? What did he not agree with? What impact did has he had on modern England? What agreement did he make with the Vikings? Why do you think he burnt the cakes? Use these […]

learning log – MJ

This week we were learning about negative numbers and we did a entry about August’s feelings about going to school. By the way august ids a character from the book wonder and has his face deformed and had 27 surgeries since he was born. I’m going to do a progect on the Vikings. the end