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In English/big Q we were reading a book called the great kapok tree and finding out about deforestation and how it will have an affect on are future. The rainforest could be gone before the end of are lives and how we need to make a difference. In English we have been writing persuasive texts, […]

The great Kapok tree

This week in year six we were talking about a story called The Great Kapok tree. As you know last week I wrote a blog about us making our own science fiction stories. Well we did manage to create our own science fiction stories and we have now moved on to creating some persuasive writing. […]

Science Fiction stories

This week in year six we were watching many videos,this is because our topic is about science fiction.By the end of this half term, we should have wrote our own Science fiction stories.So far we have found out what you need to make a science fiction story and have made our own useful electronic futuristic […]

Our Dragon Fact Files

This week in English we have been reading ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ and we were making up our own breeds of dragons . Me and my partner made up the Dark Letherthon, it was really fun! Then we wrote sentences using expanded noun phrase and relative clauses about the appearance, care and attack of […]

learning log KM

MATHS In maths we added and subtracted negative numbers and rounded numbers to the nearest 1,10,100,1000. ENGLISH We read a book called wonder and it is about a boy who has a problem with his face so we wrote a diary extract about the boy in the book. BIG QUESTION We looked at where the […]

Learning log – MA

This week in English , Year 6  been learning about a boy named August, who 27 surgery since when he was baby and how he copes in his new school. Also , this week in maths we’ve been learning negative numbers and rounding numbers to the nearest 1’s , Tent’s, Hundred and Thousand.

My learning log-JLC

In my second week in year 6, I’ve learnt lots of different stuff. In Maths I’ve learnt how to add and subtract negative numbers. We used number lines to solve harder questions. In English we showed empathy with August, who’s the main character in our book called Wonder. In Big Question we learnt about where […]

Maths in year 6-LRV

In year 6 for maths we are starting to do a lot of number lines and negative numbers I really like maths I feel like I’m best at it out of English and big q. In year 6 for English where doing a book called Wonder written by R.J PALACIO I really like that he […]

literacy in year 6 OW

In year 6 for English we have been focusing on the book Wonder by R.J PALACIO. The main character un the book is this boy called AUGUST who when he was younger he had 27 surgies and the bigger ones happpend before he was even 4 years old. He was also home-schooled by his mum […]

The hawthorn tree by Amelia


Long ago when the dinosaurs had just been wiped from existence a small seed fell from the sky above. It weaved through the moist ground and was planted ready to grow. soon enough through wild weather and sunny days a small sprout began to emerge and after years and animals on land had began to […]

Isabel.K-Story Beauty and Sophia

As the repulsive, pale witch walked through the pitch black, gloomy forest, all of her grey hairs, which hung from her nose, swayed with the cold, spine chilling wind. All over her face were warts that clung to her like bees in their hive. Her long, dark purple velvet cloak was being pulled along the […]

karen’s task 1 hw

Nike trainer experiment I’ve been told to try these nike trainers out before selling them in my shop so here is what I found out. Firstly the look at the colours, to me look beautiful and interesting (you may have  a different opinoin). I have worn these extraudinary trainers they are comfy and warm so […]

rosa`s descriptive paragraph

Beating down from the vast emptiness of space the sun made its last, long appearance across the  gloomy cloudy sky. It was the end day the day were every person on the whole planet of Venus, which was a wide open space of nothing ness nothing ever to happen, would try to make the most of the […]

Isabel descriptive paragraph

Slowly the huge shimmering moon floated over the tall gloomy buildings. Suddenly  the brave dark man wore a long scraggy cape and a mysterious black hat that was shaped as an evil bat he stood on the cold building . You could hear the soft wind passing through the rusty drain pipes .

L.f-my sentence

As slow as a sloth,my faverioute red ballon launch into the clear sapphire blue sky. As quite as a mouse the clever class walk through the playfull playground. The black bad bat man stood slightly in the breeze,who thinks he’s a bad man.  

Sci-Fi homework. By Pashy;)))

Slowly, gradually, eventually I got out of my bed, still having blurry eyesight. As I blatantly stared out of my bedroom window, instead of seeing the wonderful sight of mothers taking care of their children, adorable children playing on the lush, green grass, all I could was a dark, miserable empty world, poor-looking abandoned cars […]