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In English/big Q we were reading a book called the great kapok tree and finding out about deforestation and how it will have an affect on are future. The rainforest could be gone before the end of are lives and how we need to make a difference. In English we have been writing persuasive texts, […]


This week, in Big Q, we were making our own Big Question group that were to be our tribes. We had to create a logo, a creation story and a set of rights that our tribe had. We had to decide on our group leader and also had to make a map of our campsite. […]

What was tribal life like ?

This week in Big Q we have been beginning our new Big Q topic : what was tribal life was like ? We thought of questions , they were great . I can’t wait to find out more . In ICT we have been building tribal houses on Minecraft education . There’s a great variety […]

King Alfred the Cake

This week, in Big Q, we were learning about Alfred the Great. Did Alfred really burn those cakes? Not many people think he did because no evidence was found that he did. The legend goes that Alfred burnt some cakes whilst hiding from the Vikings. A woman asked him to look after her cakes and […]

Sketching Viking longboats

This week in Big Question, we were sketching Viking longboats. First we had to do it on our own, with our own picture in our minds. It was very hard but we had some images of the ships to get some ideas. Then after lunch we got to follow a video to learn how to […]

We’ll meet again

Let’s say goodbye with a smile, dear Just for a while, dear, we must part Don’t let this parting upset you I’ll not forget you, sweetheart We’ll meet again Don’t know where Don’t know when But I know we’ll meet again Some sunny day Keep smiling through Just like you always do ‘Till the blue […]

Stories of the war- Kate

I have been reading a lot of books about the war. None of them were true stories but I learnt a lot, especially about the emotions caused by the war. Dawn of fear: a great book about children during the war. will they ever learn that it is not a game? * * The silver […]

learning log KM

MATHS In maths we added and subtracted negative numbers and rounded numbers to the nearest 1,10,100,1000. ENGLISH We read a book called wonder and it is about a boy who has a problem with his face so we wrote a diary extract about the boy in the book. BIG QUESTION We looked at where the […]

My learning log-JLC

In my second week in year 6, I’ve learnt lots of different stuff. In Maths I’ve learnt how to add and subtract negative numbers. We used number lines to solve harder questions. In English we showed empathy with August, who’s the main character in our book called Wonder. In Big Question we learnt about where […]

Maths in year 6-LRV

In year 6 for maths we are starting to do a lot of number lines and negative numbers I really like maths I feel like I’m best at it out of English and big q. In year 6 for English where doing a book called Wonder written by R.J PALACIO I really like that he […]

Big Question-LDE

In my second week in year 6, I’ve learnt a lot about the Anglo Saxons we named a lot of famous city states and used atlases to find more cities but they had to end in wich or ham examples would be: Birmingham and Norwich and I’m really proud of that work that I did […]

6JL Research Links

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Douglas Bader   Douglas Bader’s father was a major in the British Army in the First World War, unfortunately he was injured badly by shrapnel in 1917, and later died of those wounds in 1922.The loss of his father put a serious business strain on his family, and there were doubts whether Douglas would be […]

6MW -P4C

We watched the film below and then carried out a P4C session based upon the following question: Is it okay to treat people differently? *Opinions *How the concentration camp was depicted *How the concentration camps were in real life *

Anne Frank links

Anne Frank links Use these links to research and make notes.!

Jake W’s learning log

Big Q = World War 2: In Big Question we wrote diary’s portending to be evacuees from World War 2. Science = Light and Shadows: We planned experiment to show the size of shadow. English: We Did a spag ( spelling punctuation and grammar ) and reading test to prepare for sats. Maths: We did […]

Amari and Isabel ww2 big Q

Anchorman: Hello and welcome to our talk on World War 2 and what it was like for everybody whilst it was going on, over to Isabel and Amari. Isabel: My name’s Isabel firstly we are going to talk about what it was like for the children of ww2 before the children got evacuated. Amari: and […]