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100 word challenge

This is a 100 word challenge by someone in Year Six. ‘I stared hard at the floor like the manual told me to. An aquamarine portal had appeared at my feet, swirling madly and making me feel dizzy and drowsy. I clutched my portal projector like a lifeline and, taking a deep breath, I plunged […]

100 Word Challenge – ZM

Boat Storm

One stormy night, a sailor with the name of Ted went out to sea on a gigantic ship with his brother, Matt. They were in the middle of nowhere… There was no island to be seen only the sea surrounding them in the dark of the night. Then the wind started howling, the sea started […]

pollys 100 word challage

“Mum!” shouted Polly, “I want to go !” “Ok!” she mumbled. “You wake your sisters.” Mum replied. “Can I take the car?” “Only ours sweetie,make sure the blinds are up ok ?” Polly tip-toed back into her bedroom her triplets were still asleep in masses of blankets and cushions. In there yellow and turcusios beds. She […]

aoife’s 100 word challenge

Just Amy as was drifting off to sleep she heard something. It was  like a cheetah in the cloakroom. it sounded like shoes, coats and hats being chucked on the floor. was it? she didn’t know. silently Amy crept out of her bed thinking she’d be surprised. For safety she awoke grace, her 6 year old […]

100wc by Mehtaab Rakha

I saw the sunset lighting the distance sky. My body took in the breeze, the sound and the space around me. But as I turned round the corner, I saw the sight of hell. Spikey fur, the grey evil of menacing creeping. Hypnotic, green whirling eyes, making me feel light, dizzy and ill. Drooling jaws, […]

100wc by Irha and Mehtaab

I packed a small ham sandwich and quickly left the house. As I left, myself and my trusty friends spotted my miserable overprotective parents weeping at the sight of me going for the dangerous residential trip! That same night I had started to climb the grey rock face. Meanwhile my phone rang at a random […]

Adventure guy

Adventure guy was lost. Searching for an exit, he suddenly decided to look for food. It was then that he remembered he had a sandwich in his grey, miserable rucksack. Adventure guy was an experienced explorer so he knew what plant was what. At last he came across a river bank where he drank as […]

100 word challenge by Maria .A.

“Come on we are going to be late!” yelled Katherine from the other side of the colossal house. Katherine and Scarlett we’re going to the airplane show. It happend  in St Andrews. Days before, Emily and Scarlett had gone by train to St Andrews. Staying in a hotel was painful,the beds squeaked every so often,the […]

My SHIELD by Taaha

My shield is a sign to the people who cut down trees to stop . They don’t realize that there are home’s, families and friends who see that the rainforest is their home and world. My shield shows that to the people to stop and that and the animals and people in the rainforest have […]

My amazing shield by Anas!

My lovely, beautiful shield has patterns to represent importance. The more colours/patterns you have, the more important you are. The patterns are also used for celebrations e.g. weddings. The shields are made out of  planks and the handles are probably made out of leather or rubber from trees. Hunting shields have natural colours like green or […]

Ehtasham sheild

My shield is hunting, celebrating and fighting  it is made out of wood and is decorated finely  it is strong and well built it is hand made  and can be really helpful at times it can cheer you up tribes use my shield for hunting because it protects you from  those cheeky predators  it will  bring you […]

my shield by ruby

My shield was brown with spears coming out. It could be used for wedding, fighting, defence and all that celebration. It also has a lovely Patten on the front of two lighting bolts followed by the sun and it has lines across. With these mind blowing patens anybody would shore be jealous. Here is a little story […]

Emmas shield

my shield is used by a tribe which lives in the rainforest. Hunting one of the most important things to them so they use the shield for defending them self when hunting. This tribe lives in the rainforest that means they have a lot of wood so they made they made it out of wood as it […]


  My shield is  for hunting and for celebrating .The way we hunt is that we give the animal some food and when it is feasting on it we kill the animal .Usually the animals we hunt  are vicious and do not accept food so they kill us that is when we use the shield and […]

Umer tribal sheild

My tribal shield is born and raised in the rainforest. it is always indestructible and will never fail whilst in  battle. the shield is owned by the Korubo tribe and was deigned by Mahinki Conshow (the leader of the tribe) it is also used for celebrations such as weddings, birthday parties , a new born […]

Cerys’ 100 word challenge

This week the 100 word challenge is in aid of a charity Sight Savers.  Suddenly I was able to see again,It’s amazing what not being able to see for years can do to you because once you stop remembering the blues the greens the purples n0-one can describe them for you.For me blue was the wind cool against hot skin, […]

Architecture Homework- Cynog

The Imperial War Museum North Standing prominent next to the Manchester Ship Canal, lies in my opinion one of the greatest modern buildings in terms of architecture; the Imperial War Museum. Designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind (my all-time favourite architect) it is located across the canal from the Lowry, a beautiful building filled with […]

World War II By:Ilhan

1954, World War II men went fighting for their country against Germans. The sound of the battle field was quiet as a mouse, every man waiting for a gunshot to know where their enemies are. Hiss,  a man heard vibrating in his ear, among us the Germans were close. My head was saying ”Take cover” […]

edited 100 word challenge-Nicole

Lillian trotted up the stairs. THUMP! The noise was so loud! and she was there right at the door when another ear splitting THUMP sounded. Soon Lillian heart was thumping just as loud. She couldn’t believe that only five minutes ago, she was picking daisy’s in the fields in the country side with rosy. they […]