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In English/big Q we were reading a book called the great kapok tree and finding out about deforestation and how it will have an affect on are future. The rainforest could be gone before the end of are lives and how we need to make a difference. In English we have been writing persuasive texts, […]

The great Kapok tree

This week in year six we were talking about a story called The Great Kapok tree. As you know last week I wrote a blog about us making our own science fiction stories. Well we did manage to create our own science fiction stories and we have now moved on to creating some persuasive writing. […]

Big question and tribes

This week in big question we were talking about the different tribes in different parts of the world. First we had a sheet with a map of the whole world on¬†and we wrote all the different tribes names and found the location on the map. We also stuck on some picture of the tribes. On […]

100 word challenge

This is a 100 word challenge by someone in Year Six. ‘I stared hard at the floor like the manual told me to. An aquamarine portal had appeared at my feet, swirling madly and making me feel dizzy and drowsy. I clutched my portal projector like a lifeline and, taking a deep breath, I plunged […]


On Wednesdays in ICT we are designing our own tribal village. We all chose one area and started to make tribal dwellings around it. By the end it will be a village. We only just started this half term and we only do ICT once a week so that is why we have not done […]


This week, in Big Q, we were making our own Big Question group that were to be our tribes. We had to create a logo, a creation story and a set of rights that our tribe had. We had to decide on our group leader and also had to make a map of our campsite. […]

Anti-Bullying week

This week (week beginning 13th Nov), it was Anti-Bullying week. In class we did lots of activities to do with Anti-Bullying. We wrote some poems to see what it is like to be bullied or to be the bully. We made some hands with different Anti-Bullying slogans: STOP = Several Times On Purpose, Stand up […]

Facts about us

Today, in PHSE, we were working in partners to find out different and interesting facts about each other. We worked with people who we didn’t normally work with and found out some interesting facts about each other. Our partners also found out 5 unique facts about ourselves. There were some very unusual and intriguing facts. […]

Sacred Places

Today in RE, we were learning about sacred places. Sacred places can be anywhere, from in your house to in another country. Some sacred places are sacred for many people, like a church for Christians and a Mosque for Muslims. Some people’s special places are in there house like in a room on their own. […]

What was tribal life like ?

This week in Big Q we have been beginning our new Big Q topic : what was tribal life was like ? We thought of questions , they were great . I can’t wait to find out more . In ICT we have been building tribal houses on Minecraft education . There’s a great variety […]

Science Fiction stories

This week in year six we were watching many videos,this is because our topic is about science fiction.By the end of this half term, we should have wrote our own Science fiction stories.So far we have found out what you need to make a science fiction story and have made our own useful electronic futuristic […]

King Alfred the Cake

This week, in Big Q, we were learning about Alfred the Great. Did Alfred really burn those cakes? Not many people think he did because no evidence was found that he did. The legend goes that Alfred burnt some cakes whilst hiding from the Vikings. A woman asked him to look after her cakes and […]

Towering team building

Today in PHSE we did a team building activity , who can build the tallest tower . Each group was given a equal amount of normal a4 paper and cellotape , we had 15 minutes to build the tallest tower . Everyone just wasn’t listening to each and building there own towers , but in […]

Making Viking Longboats

This week, in Big Q, we were making Viking longboats. We had to bring in cereal boxes. It was brilliant! We did it as part of our Big Question work about Vikings. First we had to bring in cereal boxes. Cutting through double cardboard is hard, we had to do it to get our boat. […]

Manchester City doing PE with us!

Every Friday, year six do some exciting sports with a Manchester City coach. We don’t just do football, so far we have learnt how to do long jumps and now have started to do circuit training. We have all really enjoyed having these lessons and hope we carry on! At the end of each lesson, […]


This week we have been learning about Kodu with Mr Quilliam, our ICT teacher. We have been making pong on the computer and I am really enjoying it. You can create it with lots of different colours. I chose black, red, green. I also have to program it with a certain code to make it […]

Sketching Viking longboats

This week in Big Question, we were sketching Viking longboats. First we had to do it on our own, with our own picture in our minds. It was very hard but we had some images of the ships to get some ideas. Then after lunch we got to follow a video to learn how to […]

Our Dragon Fact Files

This week in English we have been reading ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ and we were making up our own breeds of dragons . Me and my partner made up the Dark Letherthon, it was really fun! Then we wrote sentences using expanded noun phrase and relative clauses about the appearance, care and attack of […]

life in year 6

Already the first four weeks have gone by for year6! We have already finished our first English topic which is based on a book called: “Wonder” by RJ Palacio and have started our second book : “How to train your dragon” by Cressida Cowell. So far, we have enjoyed our fun packed lessons and we […]

year 6 Ghyll head

Year 6 will be going on a exiting trip to Ghyll Head. We hope they are looking forward to it, we are going to have an amazing time with your friends and you get to pick your own friends. If you can’t come please tell your teacher when you are worried and after that you […]

Year 6 Football Match – Louis V & Oliver F

On Friday 3rd March 2017, The Year 6 football team played against close rivals Our Ladies. The scorers for Chorlton Park were: Joel and Joe. Joel scored the first goal for Chorlton Park with the visitors leading 1-0. Joel scored a back heel ,which nut-megged two players! With the visitors now leading 2-1 with 11 […]

Slide share Adan-Climate-Change

My powerpoint on slideshare is about climate change and to get the code I pressed share and copyed the embed code and climate change can have a big effect on the world because we cause pollution which causes the heat to increase¬† so a lot of the ice in the sea will melt increasing the […]

Stories of the war- Kate

I have been reading a lot of books about the war. None of them were true stories but I learnt a lot, especially about the emotions caused by the war. Dawn of fear: a great book about children during the war. will they ever learn that it is not a game? * * The silver […]

Mr D

It’s sad to see Mr D to go we all will miss you none will forget the memories together Mr D. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEART !!!!!! WE LOVE YOU MR D . WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU !!!!!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a massive thanks for being […]