The great Kapok tree

This week in year six we were talking about a story called The Great Kapok tree. As you know last week I wrote a blog about us making our own science fiction stories. Well we did manage to create our own science fiction stories and we have now moved on to creating some persuasive writing. We all really enjoyed listening to our teachers read this interesting book. This book was about 2 young men coming to the amazon rainforest and how each animal gave a different reason. Each reason was very persuasive and the man, who was about to chop down the tree, threw his axe and left with shame.

That very same day, after reading, we wrote the summary of the story using all our correct punctuation , including speech. We especially used semi colons and people(like me) who were unsure how to use them, now are confident at using semi colons in there writing. The day after, we started talking about formal and informal language. If using formal you mustn’t use any contractions. When talking with a friend or casually you are talking informal. If you are talking with someone famous or important (like Mrs Blackburn) then you talk formally. On Thursday we acted like someone important, say like a tribal chief or a chemist, and we wrote a letter about deforestation either stopping it or agreeing with it.


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