Science Fiction stories

This week in year six we were watching many videos,this is because our topic is about science fiction.By the end of this half term, we should have wrote our own Science fiction stories.So far we have found out what you need to make a science fiction story and have made our own useful electronic futuristic gadgets and added description with lots of relative clauses, similes, expanded noun phrases and much more.

To have a good science fiction story you must have a good setting to start with. shouldn’t you? Well that’s why we made a description of a setting on Thursday. Our teachers gave us an image and we had to make a setting description. At first you thought it would be easy but when you had to add in all the features and describe everything its not as easy, however at the end of our English lesson everyone was proud of their work.

If you remember at the start I was talking about our own electric futuristic gadgets. Well there were some really good gadgets some of us made, some were better than others. Some of us made: food printers, flying cars, hover wheelchairs, colour changing chips or maybe like what I made some invisible clothes! These are just a few ideas some people went out of the box and created amazing gadgets such as robot doctors!Whatever they made all I know is that I found it really fun drawing and describing our own gadgets we made ourselves!

Another exciting thing we have been doing is reading a book called Bobo’s Star! We just started reading this book, this book is about a boy called Bobo growing a star, unfortunately for him his parents weren’t very happy with him growing it. Later on, Bobo started to realise his star wasn’t growing well. This book is linked to English because it is a science fiction book. As you know, all of us are really excited to know what happens next!

By Izah Bhatti

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