Making Viking Longboats

This week, in Big Q, we were making Viking longboats. We had to bring in cereal boxes. It was brilliant! We did it as part of our Big Question work about Vikings. First we had to bring in cereal boxes. Cutting through double cardboard is hard, we had to do it to get our boat. Before that we had to get a template and cut out the boat template in cardboard. We put the template on the cardboard and draw round it. Next we had to cut out the REAL boat (out of cardboard) and that was tricky because we had to cut through double layers of cardboard. Next we had to paint the boats wooden brown. We had to leave them to dry for a couple of days before continuing onto the sail, shields and the figure-head. After that we cut out the figure-head and paint it a fierce colour (like red). Cutting out the sail was hard because it was so big and flappy, and you had to be careful otherwise you would cut the sail and it wouldn’t work properly. I think paint and decorating the shields and sail were the best bit because we could create our own design. I really hope we get to sail our boats on water, if not though, we could always sail them ourselves in bathtubs or at Chorlton Water Park.

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